Daily exercise is what most of us strive for. But sometimes the gym just doesn’t cut it for some people. Though there are many benefits of going to the gym to get your daily fix of physical exercise. There are also other ways you can do that on your own and even at home. What you need is the determination to start and basic equipment to get things rolling. Here are ways you can exercise without hitting a gym.

1.Using a fitness app

Nowadays instead of a coach to advise on your workout routine, you can choose to install an app for it on your phone. There are plenty of choices that are free and helps you start on your way to shaping up.  There are a lot of personalized workouts you can look for to tone a part of your body. Some fitness apps also have a feature that lets you compare your progress with other people which can help motivate you to start.

2. Monitor your activity

There has been an increasing demand for technology that can help you monitor your health. With smartphones becoming a pedometer and smartwatches acting as a fitness tracker. Monitoring your activity has never been easier and it might motivate you to challenge yourself even further

3. Take a hobby

A hobby is something you can do for fun a great example that blends physical activity and entertainment is dance. There are plenty of resources you can imitate on YouTube. You can watch Zumba dances, Aerobics or if you like gaming you can buy a game that gets you to dance. Dance isn’t the only hobby you can take it can range from bike riding to swimming. Exercise shouldn’t always be routine you can find something that suits you.

4. Make it a daily routine

Housework, chores and even walking the dog all contribute to the amount of activity you can do every day. Just having a reason to move your body around the house without too much rest can be enough of a workout. Just keep in mind that you must put the extra effort into really working out your body. Like walking more steps than you usually do.

5. Lifting Bodyweights

Bodyweights are a simple tool to make your workout more intense. Incorporating one in your workout is a great way to train your muscles and get your blood pumping faster. It can be simple as lifting a dumbbell several times while walking up and down the stairs.

6. Get Out of the house

Just getting out of the house forces you to move about and go to places without rest. Go to your favorite park or mall and just stroll around. Its as simple as that. You can bring someone along with you too. Call a friend and meet them at the town.

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