Going out in the rain is not a very pleasant experience at most. Your clothes get soaked and it’s hard to dry off completely because of the humidity brought by the weather. Aside from always having the usual gear of umbrella, raincoat and rubber boots. It’s important to still prepare yourself for the rainy weather ahead. Here are some tips to help you get started in going out for a rainy day. These tips should also be useful if you are planning to travel in humid places where the rainy season can be long.

Use waterproof items

If you had to choose, you must wear a waterproof jacket rather than a raincoat. You should also wear for water-resistant footwear that won’t let water seep into the edges of your feet. This is important because keeping yourself dry will prevent you from suffering hypothermia. It’s also better if you have a bag made from waterproof material to keep your belongings from getting wet.  

Get updated with weather conditions

The daily weather forecast is not usually what people tune in to their everyday lives. This should not be the case because it can dictate the happening of the day. It’s easier to be prepared when you know it’s going to rain or not. Before you plan on going out you should update yourself with the local weather conditions. Especially if you are traveling to other cities or countries.  

Avoid driving at night

Driving at night during the rainy season has a higher potential risk. You’re not only dealing with water obstructing your view and a slippery road; you have to maneuver in darkness as well. It’s important to take caution while driving at night in the rain to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Bring extra clothes

When you happen to be soaked when you get to work. You should immediately dry yourself with a towel and change into your spare clothes to stop your body temperature from dropping.  If you are traveling in more humid places you can wear quick dry clothing as a caution. Polyester-based clothing and other synthetic fabrics are the ones you usually wear for sports to slick off the sweat away. They should also prove to be useful on a damp rainy day.

Boost your immune system

Rainy days can also bring common sickness like cold flu. Prevent these from happening to you by eating a balanced diet with more nutrition. And warming yourself with a cup of hot chocolate or warm soup. It’s important to keep yourself warm in these kinds of conditions so you won’t have to suffer from any sickness.

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