Incorporating more fiber in your diet is one of the main steps to living a longer and healthier life. It just starts with eating a balanced diet which is one-half fruits or vegetables, one-fourth grains and the rest for meat and dairy. Fiber can be found in any plant-based foods which can be gotten from whole-grain bread, leafy green salads and a bowl of chili. There are plenty of ways to add more fiber in your diet, here are some of the simpler ways you can do yourself right now.

Breakfast Staple

Sugar cereals and white bread are the main breakfast staples we consume daily. While they are made of grains and have fiber in them, they don’t necessarily make for a healthy balanced diet. This is because the more processed they are the less healthy they become. When choosing what to buy during grocery shopping look for whole grain alternatives for bread and look at the nutrition label in cereals to get a better view of what has more non-processed ingredients.

Eat whole fruits

Nowadays smoothies and fruit juices are the equivalents of getting into a healthy lifestyle, but this is not entirely true in some respects. Because most of the processed fruit juices we buy don’t have the fiber we need to make ourselves full. It’s just the juice and they more added sugar in it to make it more acceptable to the market which goes for smoothies too. So, it’s much better to eat the whole fruit instead and eat the fiber that comes with it.

Cook them fresh

It’s noticeable that processed foods like store-bought salads, and ready to eat meals are not entirely fresh, no matter what it may suggest on its packaging. It’s always better to shop weekly for fresh ingredients to cook rather than getting the conveniently packed meals you see on the frozen section. It’s noted that you can shop for more fresh ingredients in your local farmer’s market than anywhere else if you have one nearby.  

Try fun recipes

It is a matter of preference that people don’t like to eat vegetables because they can taste bland and unsatisfying on their own. But it’s not always supposed to be like that so to make you more inclined to eat them is to make them more appealing to your taste. There are a ton of all natural recipes you can search and try.  

Snack Healthily

The notion of snaking healthily is to eat more raw snacks naturally. Like a handful of nuts instead of a chocolate bar or a bowl of good ol’ popcorn instead of a bag of chips. There are plenty of alternatives to try which can make snack time much healthier and let you eat more fiber.

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