There are plenty of ways to enjoy your commute and one of the most essential ways to relax while still being awake is to listen to music. Most of the time we have our own choice of songs stored in our phones to repeat over and over again. While this is true for most people the other alternative is to have a Spotify account and all is over. You have the ability to tap into a collection of music from every genre imaginable. From that, you have specific playlists that you can listen to and find new songs to try. If you are not exactly used to using Spotify we have some playlist recommendations you might like to listen for a more relaxed commute.

Lo-Fi Beats

Lo-Fi is a genre to listen to if you just like to listen to the beat of music without any lyrics. It’s usually deemed as an aesthetic its use of sound quality which is much lower than that of your average music. It’s usually the kind of music you listen to when you need to focus or want background music to listen to. There are many playlists under that genre, but you can try Lo-Fi Beats or Lo-Fi Hip Hop  

All Out ‘00s

One of the best things in Spotify is that you can listen to any song no matter when it came from and no matter where it originated. The All Out from the Decades category is a series is a collection of trademark hit songs from their own decades. You have songs that take you back to the ’40s, ’50s, ’70s,  , ’90s and the more recent iconic songs of our time.

Acoustic Throwbacks

If you want to listen to instrumentals from the recent hits of the past you should try this playlist. It’s a collection of hit singles that have been remade to acoustic covers. The combination of guitar riffs and beautiful vocals will surely make you appreciate the song better.

Soft Pop Hits

For the most tiring and hectic of days, you do need to slow down. What better to kick start that with a slow and heartfelt soft pop music. This playlist just maybe the hot chicken soup for your mind. You have classic hit songs from the best artists and new songs that are constantly being added along the way.

Classic Road Trip Songs

If you plan to enjoy your commute better, then this classic collection of road trip hit singles might make your day. You have the slow hits and old rock songs that might take you back to the past.

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