Dry eyes are a common problem that affects many people. If not treated properly then it may lead to severe eye problems that will create further damage to the eyes. The loss of lubrication in the eyes are caused by many factors that can range from staring too much at computer screens without a break and habitual smoking. If this problem concerns you, then it would be much better to seek treatment at once or learn about these tips to prevent dry eyes again.

Avoid direct wind contact

It is better to stay away from places with very dry and arid climates. The low humidity in your environment makes it easy for you to become hydrated and prevent your eyes from producing tears that lubricate them. This also applies to your home because the use of air conditioning and electric fans cause dry surroundings. You can install a humidifier in your home to fix the problem and make sure that you wear protective eyewear if you plan to go outside.

Rest your eyes

There are studies that state that the overuse of smartphones has been one of the main causes of dry eyes to children. The main activities behind the overuse can be playing games for too long or watching too many videos. This also affects adults too with many of smartphone users sleeping late just to catch up on the latest updates on their feed. This is not advisable because our eyes need time to rest. Limiting your use of these devices is important if you want to prevent dry eyes.

Avoid caffeine and smoking

Aside from avoiding smoke to your eyes, smoking itself is linked to serious eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. While caffeine, on the other hand, can lead to dehydration because of the constant bathroom breaks it causes. Monitoring your habits around them and keeping it to a minimum can help in preventing these health issues.

Take supplements

Foods and supplements with Omega 3 are a good antidote to dry eyes. Those who added them in their diet have been cured of their dry eyes. This is because oils are also a part of lubricating your eyes.

Always keep eye drops

The only other solution that you can resort too is always having an eye drop bottle with you. Especially for contact lens users. This is what many eye doctors recommend. Although some products might not work for you it is important to keep your eyes wet when it becomes irritated.

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