A lot of us can feel insecure when our skin breakouts and leaves red spots on our face. These problems can arise because of a lot of factors which some of us may not be aware of. You can blame it on aging, chemical imbalances or keeping up with these habits that directly affects our skin. These are the habits you should stop doing to keep your skin healthy.

Not washing your face before bed

After a tiring day, there are times when you just want to bury your head in your pillow and sleep immediately. This should not always be the case because your skin needs to be removed of all the impurities that it has been exposed to. Dirt, oil, and makeup can clog your pores and cause a serious case of acne. Even if you are tired make it a habit to clean your face daily to maintain clear looking skin.  

Having a poor diet

Our skin can is said to be a great indicator of our overall health. A lot of health problems can be seen from what happens to our skin. One of the factors directly linked to our health is the kinds of food we eat on a daily basis which affects our skin. It is stated that eating too much sugar results in skin inflammation which worsens acne conditions. An excessive diet of unhealthy food can really damage your skin. That’s why having a healthier diet is integral to any skincare routine.

Sleeping late or lacking in sleep

The optimal sleep duration for most adults would be seven to 8 hours a day but nowadays it has been cut down to 2-5 hours due to the technology in our hands. You really can’t ignore the fact that sleep deprivation is caused by people choosing late-night entertainment, working overtime and social media over actual sleep. This shortens the time your body’s processes to regenerate. This becomes more noticeable because of the dark circles in your eyes and the breakouts in your face.   

Touching your face

The skin in our face is more sensitive than the other parts of our body. Constantly touching it can cause irritation especially with unclean hands that can transfer bacteria to the skin. This also applies if you have a blemish in your face. Prevent yourself from touching it and make sure that the things your face touches are clean too which includes your phone and the pillows in your bed.

Indulging in bad habits

Smoking and alcohol intake are major factors that increase the rate of skin aging. They are habits that cause plenty of health problems and skin aging is one of them. Smoking is known to damage the skin’s collagen and elastin which are necessary to keep your skin firm. While drinking too much can cause inflammation and worsen skin problems. These habits both deprive the skin of nutrients and leave you with an unhealthy appearance so it’s better to avoid them altogether.   

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