The monsoon season has come at last and rain is pouring all week long. The weather may affect your driving and can cause an accident if you are not careful. Driving on the freeway during this season especially during severe conditions can be very dangerous. With the roads slippery and the winds blowing strongly there are increasing risks of an accident. For your own safety, you should learn about these helpful tips to reduce the risks significantly.

Maximize Visibility

The rain and cold weather can really decrease the visibility of your car windows while you’re driving. Before you drive, make sure to check your windshield wipers and use a defroster for your windows when they get foggy. In addition to that, turning on your headlights will prove to be very helpful in giving a clearer view of what’s ahead. This also makes it easier for other vehicles to see you and prevent any collisions. 

Keep Your Eye on the Road

Reducing the radio volume down and laying off any devices that may distract you should be the right option to keep your focus while driving in the rain. There are a lot of things that you can’t control, and they can happen all at once because of the weather. Paying attention to how you drive is important to keep yourself safe. Being aware of the surrounding vehicles and your environment is important

Take It Slow and Steady

A slippery road can be very unpredictable to drive in because it can cause hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can lead to serious accidents because it loosens the tires traction which will make your car spiral out of control. Slowing down the speed and taking your time is more advisable while driving in the rain. This is the case why traffic is really heavy, it’s better to be late and careful than risk your safety.  And if the weather seems to be too overwhelming to drive in, you can pull over at a stopover until it ceases. 

Get Full Control Over Your Car

Getting manual control over your car is advised when you are driving in the rain. Avoid cruise control because it can accelerate the speed of your car unexpectedly and prevent you from reclaiming the traction of your car in case it skids. Strong winds can also affect the trajectory of the car that’s why getting to have both grips on the steering wheel can help in giving you control when you maneuver. 

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