Procrastination is a habit that can prevent you from living your best life. Putting things for later sets you farther from your goal and keeps you from taking on the next part of your life. Everyone has their own experience when it comes to procrastination. Some handle it much better than others. But if you are the type of person who has suffered under its spell for too long and want it to stop. Here are some tricks and habits you should try on your preventing it from taking over your life.

Write a to-do list

What’s more basic than writing a to-do list? It’s a simple practice of writing down tasks you need to do in a piece of paper or typing it in the notepad of your phone. It’s a simple reminder of the tasks you need to accomplish it doesn’t have to be super complicated. But ask yourself first this, do you really follow what’s written on it or not? Because writing a to-do list is one thing following up on it is another. Having a to-do list can really help you in being constantly reminded of your tasks in case you forget them. Utilize it by arranging your tasks based on urgency and importance so it’s easier to understand what to do first.  

Transform your distractions

Being in an environment full of distractions can really reduce your productivity. They keep you out of focus and create more problems for you. Other than the method of getting rid of you can actually transform them to motivate you in working further. You can do this by changing your mindset around it you can see it as a trigger to actually finish your work or as a reward after you finish your tasks. Setting positive reinforcements along the way can help you in breaking bad habits like procrastination.

Plan your break time

After long hours of work, you deserve a break. Planning what happens in it makes the difference between a more productive you versus a very chill person that doesn’t want to work anymore. A break can help you in regaining back your energy but if you waste too much time on it, you won’t get things done. Instead of browsing in social media you can eat snacks instead or find the time to walk around the office. Set some limitations on what you can do during your break time like only checking your phone for 5 minutes at a time.  

Visualize your goals

There are times when thinking of the outcome can really make you strive to accomplish them. You can do this by creating a visual picture of the goal in your head. It’s much harder to forget something if you have visualized them yourself. To help you further you can research for inspiration or different methods to work on your goals.

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