There’s nothing like a hot day that can stress you out fast. With sweat clinging on your body and heat beating down your face. It’s no secret that it’s that hot weather can make a dozen of people faint. There’s a lot of options to cool down and whether you like to bask on the summer sun or prefer to stay cool indoors there’s no question that knowing how to beat the heat is a needed skill to keep you from suffering a heat stroke. Here are essential tips that you should follow up on every time the weather gets heated up.

Wear loose-fitting clothes

The best kind of clothing you should wear must be made of cotton or linen and in light colors. Loose fitting is the key to keep sweat clinging from your body. If you are not planning to get a suntan then you should wear long-sleeved shirts made of natural fabrics instead because this will deflect the sun rays and prevent your skin from absorbing the heat. This also applies to your head so wear a cap or a nice straw hat to cool off your head.

Keep yourself hydrated

Water is one of our main solutions on a hot day. It’s important to drink enough to keep you hydrated and cool of your body with a spray of water. But if you are short on water then you should try storing ice cubes in your freezer and use them for a cold drink or a bath. If you live in a hot and dry area, then you should try drinking hot tea to help you sweat and cool yourself. It’s a proven technique that a lot of people do in the desert.

Snack on a frozen treat

A frozen treat is one of the best solutions for a hot day. The call of the ice cream truck is always enticing, and ice-cold tea is also a good choice. You can also try a healthier alternative like frozen fruits or a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Eating hydrating food can help too like watermelons, cantaloupes, pineapples, and cucumbers.

Chill outside

If your cooling fan is not enough for you, then you should take it outdoors. Especially if there is a breeze coming in. It’s also recommended to wear sunscreen and sunglasses if you plan on staying out for a long period. As this prevents you from getting the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. You can even cool off in a mall or a park with enough cooling shade.

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