“Eye strain and drowsiness are listed as major causes of car accidents.”

There is an average of 3,287 deaths caused by car accidents every day which amounts to more than 1 million deaths in a year. 40% of those occur during the night with 100,000 reports of drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. This is why drowsiness is now considered one of the major causes of car accidents. But the most dangerous of all are distracted drivers which causes more than 16% of car accidents every year. While majority of those are people on their phones, an alarming average of 3,000 drivers claim to have been momentarily blinded by extreme sunlight and the glare of oncoming traffic.

Reduce these risks while driving by wearing NightGuide HD.

what is nightguide hd glasses?

NightGuide HD is a pair of high-quality glasses equipped with German resin polarized lenses. Durable and lightweight. It’s resistant to scratches, shock, and dirt. Capable of filtering in harsh light from all directions and defuses concentrated glares from reflective surfaces. Blocks out 100% of UVA and UVB radiation for long-term protection. Developed with a micro-infused lens coating to enhance vision even in dim conditions. NightGuide HD increases contrast, color, and clarify. It’s highly adaptive and versatile. Suitable for all ages and lifestyle.



Keeps your eyes safe at all times. The polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating provides powerful defense against various threats. It reduces harsh light from all directions, blocks out ultra violet radiation, filters in blue light, and breaks down glares from reflective surfaces.


Effectively diminishes blinding light and reflective glares to keep your vision unimpaired while driving. Also able to enhance vision with its micro-infused coating. So you can see well in the day and at night.


An aviator style glasses with a protective yellow tint. Made from grade A materials and German lenses. Withstands shock and scratches. The frame is made from lightweight metal alloy and gold coated. You can wear it for long hours without feeling strained. And you can stay protected without giving up style or comfort.

be safer on the road with nightguide hd

The extremely bright sunlight, the harsh glare from oncoming traffic, and the countless bright signages you encounter on the street are not only distracting. They are harmful to your most valuable asset while driving, your eyes. Constant exposure to these stressors can cause speed up visual deterioration. They can also cause momentary blindness and drowsiness which is one of the leading causes of car accidents. You need to start protecting your eyes if you want to be safer on the road. You need NightGuide HD.

It’s the best driving glasses capable of reducing excessive light from all directions, preventing eye strain and episodes of migraine. Works both day and night. Enhances vision quality by increasing contrast while maintaining sharpness. Helps you concentrate better and see comfortably.

nightguide hd offers more protection than any other ordinary glasses

Heavily tinted glasses may provide temporary relief on an extremely sunny day. However, it’s not enough to protect your eyes against long-term damage.

The pupil is the hole at the center of our eyes which controls the amount of light that hits our retinas. It dilates to allow more light in and contracts when there is excessive or glaring light. The contraction serves as a natural defense to keep light and harmful radiation from damaging the retinas. Tinted glasses trick the pupils into dilating by reducing the harshness of the light. But without a protective layer, it leaves our eyes vulnerable to damage.

You need more than just shade. NightGuide HD is specialized to give your eyes the protection it needs. Made with polarized lenses with a micro-infused coating. It reduces the harshness of light allowing you to comfortable see even on the brightest day. At the same time provides protection against short-term symptoms and long-term damage by blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Not only that, NightGuide HD is perfect for those who spend long hours on time on computers, TVs, and phones. These gadgets give out blue light which produces high amounts of energy compared to other colors. Blue light can penetrate the inner linings of the eyes, cause deeper macular damage and even lead to early blindness.

NightGuide HD’s yellow tinted glasses effectively defuses and deflects blue light. So you can look at screens without suffering symptoms such as sore eyes, dry eyes, migraines and tiredness. Great for video editors and avid gamers.

It’s never too early to start protecting your eyes. Order NightGuide HD driving glasses now and keep your eyes in great condition for longer.

see what nightguide hd users have to say

“Nightguide hd is good for outdoor activities too and it doesn’t easily slip off no matter how fast I’m riding the motorcycle. Very good product.” Douglas Flint


“I love these glasses. It works and it suits me well. It feels comfortable and I did notice a significant improvement. I don’t experience headaches anymore even though I spend a lot of time on my computer. I would definitely recommend it.” Jenna Hart


“Wasn’t expecting much but these are amazing and high quality. Plus they look great on me. It feels nice and isn’t too heavy. Not a big fan of the heavy yellow tint though and I wish they offer more colors. But overall I think it’s a really good pair of sunglasses.” Pia Masters


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